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STC3000 series Thyristor Stacks for Transformer Loads
STC3000 Series User Manual
STC3000 Features and their Application
DeviceNet EDS Files
Profibus DP GSD Files

SRC Series Thyristor Stacks for Resistive Loads
SRC 2000 and SRC3000 User Manual (63A to 250A)
SRC Series User Manual (315A to 800A)

RLS Series Thyristor Stacks for Resistive or Transformer Loads
RLS Series 3-Phase Thyristor Controllers Data Sheet

TLV1000 Single Phase Communicating Thyristor Stacks for Transformer Loads
TLV1000 Series User Manual

RLS Series 3-Phase Thyristor Drivers
RLS Series 3-Phase Thyristor Drivers Data Sheet / Manual

CB17-2 Three Phase Thyristor Controller (Single Cycle Controller)
CB17-2 Data Sheet / Manual
CB17 Data Sheet / Manual (older version)

LSC2 Load Sequencing Controllers
LSC2 Data Sheet / Manual
LSC2A Data Sheet / Manual

CU02 Load Sequencing Controller
CU02 Data Sheet / Manual

AMOT 130 Auto / Manual Station and Over-temperature Trip
AMOT 130 Data Sheet / Manual

CB18-2 Thyristor Trigger Modules
CB18-2 Data Sheet
CB18 Data Sheet (Older Version)

TFM103 Thyristor Fault Monitor
TFM103-690V Data Sheet

General Application Notes
Using Thyristors in Heating Applications
Voltage Fluctuation and Light Flicker (Courtesy BC Hydro)
Harmonic Analysis with Single Cycle Control (CB17, CU02, LSC2)

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