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CB18-2 Thyristor Trigger Modules

CB17-2 Thyristor Triggers
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The CB18 trigger module accepts a logic control signal and is specifically designed for triggering back to back thyristor pairs with zero voltage switch-on in AC heating applications.

The triggers are available in 480V and 690V versions and are suitable for use in thyristor stacks rated up to around 2000A (gate trigger current 1A). They may be used singly for single phase applications, in pairs for 2-leg control of 3-phase 3-wire loads, or 3 may be used for 3-leg control of 3-phase loads. They are suitable for burst fire or single cycle burst fire control modes.

The CB18 is designed for use in arduous electrical environments. A unique MOSFET driver circuit is employed which is very resistant to spurious firing in the presence of electrical noise. This circuit is similar to that used in our SRC series thyristor stacks and has been well proven over more than ten years. The triggers have been type tested fitted to thyristor stacks and exhibit no false triggering or breakdown with fast transient pulses of 4KV amplitude to IEC 61000-4-4 applied to the supply lines.
(Note - the thyristor stack must be fitted with suitable snubbers otherwise the power thyristors alone may trigger spuriously in this test).

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